Topics for Reality is Broken

It’s time for you all to write your own posts on our week’s reading, which you should be completing today.

First, some technical matters: if you have accepted your invitation to the WordPress site, you can log in (if you haven’t already, there is a log in link at the bottom of the left sidebar). If you haven’t accepted your invitation and cannot find it, please email me. Once you are logged in, you can see a black navigation bar at the top of the site. If you click on ENG 380: New Media, you’ll see a dropdown menu that will allow you to create a New>Post.  Writing a post is fairly easy. You can add photos, videos, links and so on. When you are one the post writing screen, you’ll see categories in the right sidebar. Please select McGonigal for this post. When you are done, just Publish the post and you’ll be done.

So what should you write about? Well, you should read the Posting and Commenting Guidelines for general information. However there are many possible topics to discuss with this book.

  • Pick any one of the “fixes” McGonigal identifies
  • Any of the specific games she discuses
  • The different kinds of personal and social problems gaming can solve

Do you agree with her? Are you skeptical? Is there a particular thing she suggests that you want to try? Has she changed your view on games?


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