McGonigal’s Fix

I’ve decided to look at reality through the eyes of McGonigal and have realized finally that her attempts at getting people to engage gaming is an attempt at expanding our social engagement. I found a very interesting fix in a book you would closely regard as one that wants to tap into your gaming perceptions. Tip #9: More fun with strangers

I thought that there could be no real translation from video game to reality and I thus gave this book and McGonigal no chance to prove otherwise. I so stand corrected and share the many interesting, thought provoking ideas that she has instilled through this book. I turn to the book and comment on the Smithsonian Art Museum attempting to create a new model membership for their museum, it goes on to state that the museum would like, as part of membership, contributions from members and collaborate outside of the museum online. This concept is not only interesting but has such as huge impact on sociality in general. A ghost of a Chance game is the title and it plays on the focus of art and how it may whisper to you as you pass by.

The other great game that McGonigal mentions is “Bounce.” A telephone conversation game that involves talking to other generations. I think in our present time we never talk anymore, we rely on texting and email and social media to communicate, which is fine, the technology is there, lets use it, but we need to have more conversation with those that don’t embrace the technological change the world has endured. The older generations can teach us about their history and stories.

Play on cruel world! Gaming has meaning.


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