Reality is Broken

One of my favorite chapters is chapter 2, “The Rise of the Happiness Engineers,” because it forces us to take a close look at a society we take to be very normal and realize how flawed it might actually be. I found the idea of “flow,” “the satisfying, exhilarating feeling of creative accomplishment and heightened functioning” to be captivating. It encompasses the idea that if one does something one loves, it never feels like work.
My question to the public is as follows: do you think that our education system would be improved if it was better adapted to meet “flow”? For example, maybe kids could spend their earlier years figuring out what they are really interested in based on what they gravitate toward, and then take more specific classes that supplement that interest as they get older. In this way, large groups of kids would not all be stuck taking the same level of math, science, English, etc. all the way through high school; school would be a place to develop what they were already interested in so that they would excel in that field rather than just being average in all fields.
I am particularly enthralled with this idea because I feel that it would have benefitted me a lot, and almost feel indignant that my education did not take this form. I have always loved to read and write, and have long harbored the intention to write a book one day. With that being said, I have spent long, stressful hours poring over math and science books just to get a passing grade, when I would have gladly signed up for more English classes that could have helped me along the path of novel writing.
This topic is very interesting to me because I am thinking of becoming a teacher one day. I believe that this method would solve a lot of problems that are faced in schools today, such as lack of motivation, ridiculous amounts of homework. etc. I would appreciate any feedback on this idea of changing the structure of our schools today, and any ideas on how to make it happen or potential problems you might see with it.


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