Games to Fix Reality

McGonigal talks a lot about the future potential of video games, and the impact they can make in improving our reality. It’s a really ambitious idea, and I can see where shes going with this, but I don’t necessarily see this taking hold relatively soon. Right now where video games stand is a perfect spot, and I would just like to see them be improved with better engines. The game market has many options now and it isn’t just about the big AAA titles, indie games are pretty popular on PC and Xbox Live Arcade, and App games as well. I don’t want to mix my reality with video games, they should stay separate from each other. The book is obviously titled Reality is Broken, but I really don’t think it is. Reality has been pretty much the same since always when corresponding to the correct generation. What was normal for a dude in 1800 wouldn’t be normal now, but in retrospect the basic human needs and perception of reality were probably similar. The difference is that our current generation just has more options with technology, more ways to distract ourselves and lose touch with reality when we feel like it. Reality can be a bitch sometimes, with school, work, relationship issues, bills and whatever else, but that’s just life. Reality can be rewarding just as it is cruel, It’s already enough of a game. For example I don’t feel like we need to turn any household chores into an RPG, that seems to just be exacerbating the issue, why make more work out of something that you can just get over with, and then when your done play a real RPG on your Xbox..  Games are fine the way they are, their purpose is to NOT be like real life. I’m cool with them having similar mechanics, like In DayZ or Fallout where you need to eat/drink/sleep to stay alive, but other than that I want them to be a video game. I’d hate to see games start turning into only ARGs or ways of enhancing social interactions, I like where the social interaction stands now, ever played Call of Duty? Everyone is just an asshole, and it’s a lot of fun after a day of work, where you can’t tea bag your boss. As for ARGs I think they make great marketing campaigns leading up to a movie or a video game, but shouldn’t be the game itself.


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