The relationship gaming has with violence?

I just wanted to get everybody’s take on the aforementioned topic of Gaming and real violence, and if there is any correlation with the two.

I know many have made this connection in government and media, news outlets, etc. But, is there really any connection with gaming and violence? Or is it a misplaced blame for a greater depth of individual issues that could come from education, mentoring, parenting and the foundational building blocks that every individual needs while growing up in this ever changing world we all live in? Or is it all relevant?


2 thoughts on “The relationship gaming has with violence?”

  1. I honestly believe its a little of both.
    Games will affect a child’s behavior or future behavior if subjected to violent games from an early age. Which is why many kids now are seen aiming harmless objects as though they were real guns or such. However, the irresponsible parents are more to blame. Children are known to imitate things that amuse them or even grasp their attention. So a parent should know not to let a child near such graphic content. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems as the though america wants the government to act as a big baby sitter. Controlling the things their to lazy to do themselves.
    As i mentioned in my previouse post and comment, we need to just take control of our children and unglue their eyes from the tv and iphone and ipads. Reintroduce them to nature, parks, reintroduce them to life!

  2. Violence in general is dangerous when we’re talking about sociopaths, people who have trouble empathizing with other people. Video games, movies, talk of killing, etc can all be dangerous. A lot of the shootings that have recently made national news were, to my knowledge, done by these kinds of people.

    With regular folks though, there are probably millions of people who collectively play the various shooters out there, and probably a fraction of a fraction of them ever contemplate anything like killing someone in real life. I feel there’s been far too much overblown publicity on the incidents that have occurred, like with the guy who opened fire at the Batman movie premiere in CO. It was a tragedy, yes, but again, the guy had psychopathic tendencies to begin with. Combine the media spending a good two weeks covering every detail of the aftermath of an event like that, one or two specific incidents where the shooters mention video games as their inspiration, and finally shows like CSI faturing parodies of some events and making certain people out to be much more mean-natured than they would probably be IRL for the sake of entertainment, as they might with say “goths” or “jocks” or something in a given episode, in addition to full-on video-game violence episodes (e.g. see the CSI: Miami “Urban Hellraisers” or Criminal Minds “The Wheels on the Bus…”) and there is a whole lotta hype over an issue that has been inflated out of proportion.

    My conclusion would be that, like most scapegoats, video games are just too easily blamed for causing issues that run much deeper. Although, playing very gory games -can- and -do- desensitize people to violence, to some degree. I’m pretty sure there’s solid scientific evidence for that.

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