American Society and Video Games

Unfortunately I haven’T  been able to obtain my copy of the book, but when signing up for this class, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind.  I have always been interested in the thought of the strong affect that video games has on our society.  In the early 80s and 90s, video games were innocent.   No one ever thought Sonic the Hedgehog or Tetris to harm a child’s state of mind.  Nowadays, video games come with parental labels and discretions.  Times have drastically changed aned so has everything else in it.  The two points that I would like to discuss are obesity and violence affecting society.

I cannot even recall how many times I have heard people place blame on video games because of childhood obesity.   Technology has advanced and a lot of children do not play in the park like they use to.  This still should not be one of the main reasons on why childhood obesity has become such an epidemic in our country.   Children can only do so much.  It is up to our parents and educators to encourage children to do outdoor activities rather than staying inside and staring at a television.  How will children ever get to enjoy their childhood if they do not know what is in store for them?

On the issue of violence in our society, I seem to never come to a complete stance about the issue.   For instance,  the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999.  Blame has been placed on violent video games.  It has been said that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed the crimes for various reasons but also was inflenced by violent video games.

What are your views on the correlation of video games,  obesity and violence?


4 thoughts on “American Society and Video Games”

  1. My sentiments exactly! Its up to the parents to control what their children do or watch or play. Its irresponsible to even consider blaming video games for childhood obesity, let alone violence. Parents have spoiled children for too long and have been to lenient on them. Now a days children have more freedom and more pocket change. Which means they can buy what they want when they want, with or without their parents consent.
    Parents should spend more time with their children and reintroduce them to nature or a park at least. Take away their iPhones and iPads. Maybe that way we wont have this horrid epidemic of obese and unstable children. And maybe that will even influence for a more responsible society.

    1. I agree! My dad is a teacher and he says that kids will always be kids. But the thing that he has noticed has changed in recent years is that the parents have changed. No longer are kids afraid of teachers telling their parents, because the parents are most times as disrespectful as the kids.
      I really think that this next generation of parents is embarrassing, rarely is it their own kids fault. It’s always someone else’s.

      1. Excellent point! I really believe that parents in general are lazy and don’t care what goes on in their own little world. No more cause for alarm or celebration for that matter. A sad state of Society we currently live in, sad indeed!

  2. I agree to an extent. My cousin is a the principle of a private school here in Westchester, but the problem isn’t so here. i guess it varies from place to place. because, after all, in order to judge ‘society’ as a whole, we must first examine society as a whole, not just certain aspects which we deem unacceptable. Though you do have a point, our generation, our the younger generation, will be more out of touch with reality. i guess thats the price we pay when we have huge technological advancements in only 10 years. we seem more mechanical, more unloving, more, controlled. which is I guess ‘good’ but not for us. i sound like a conspiracy theorist, which is not what I am, simply sharing my observations.

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