Are games the solution to a stressful workday?

In “Reality Is Broken”, Jane McGonigal talks about how games remove us from reality. She talks about how reality compared to games has a downside and tells us how history repeats itself and that even in the time of Herodotus “games made life bearable”. After reading this book, one tends to agree that games may be beneficial to people rather than a waste of time. They are relaxing, they help with strategy and thinking, and they bring pleasure and happiness and often boost a self-esteem, even though they are not the only ways of escaping reality.

In yesterdays NY Times, there was an article that was extremely interesting: Why You Hate Work: (

It made me think how It could be beneficial for companies to encourage game playing after work or even better, during regular breaks. Not that I don’t think that many people probably play games on their phones when they have a couple of minutes during the day,

But, what if companies had special game rooms, the same as nap times, massages, healthy food, or any other type of break during the day and that this would benefit work production?  As much as game playing has beneficial repercussions, many people still think it is a waste of time. Jane McGonigal feels that more and more people will and should be playing games to find solutions to our world problems. This creativity may be well incorporated into the work place.


The same way Charlie Chapman in Modern Times  criticized non- stop labor and showed how it drove people crazy and worn out, the same way, Ed Norton’s character in the movie Fight Club lets out his frustration with a game of sorts, the club he creates after work.


Reality Breaks has some wonderful ideas to escape reality, but, the question is, are more and more games the only solution? And, why do we have to escape reality?


One thought on “Are games the solution to a stressful workday?”

  1. Why do we have to escape reality? Great Question, I don’t think you need to fully escape reality as we need to take a break every now and then. I don’t think this is a new thing, I think anytime anyone writes a story, or paints a picture, or writes a song they are taking a break from reality.
    I think that video games now are another tool an individual can use to take a break from reality.

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