Are You Really Going to WORK More at this Game Than Life?!

When I really ponder the idea, I have never put too much thought in to the evolution of video games.  Now I would not go as far to say we have evolved as much as the characters on the classic show the Jetsons, however, we have come a very long way from using the analog stick and the rectangular Nintendo remote control.  Work and video games are two categories that I thought would never mix but after reading this chapter, I have come to the realization that video games and work definitely do have a direct correspondence with one another.  Within the chapter, it mentions the Wii game console and the Dance Dance Revolution video game. The Wii game console and the games that are designed to play on it are made for it to require the player to exert a lot of energy.  As Bogost stated, “When a bride says “I do” at the pulpit, she enters a new state of commitment completely and immediately.  But when she performs a push-up on her Wii Balance Board, no particular state of fitness arises; it happens little by little, over time, in ways that each push-up can’t fully explain”.  We seem to place much more energy into our video games instead of life decisions.  Now I do not believe that this exert is one hundred percent valid, however, I do know some people who would actually place much more energy and time in to Call of Duty rather than time being spent doing homework or spending quality time with family members.  It seems to be very ironic how video games have consumed our lives and we seem to “work” more at them then real life situations.


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