Bogost – Exercise

This chapter peaked my interest as soon as I saw the title. I was curious was Bogost would have to say about Exercise and It’s connection to video games. As someone who follows a daily workout routine  and also wastes a lot of time on video games, I was naturally intrigued. I spend a lot of time at the gym and some days I spend a lot of time in front of a TV screen. Exercise and working out give me a natural high that I really enjoy, but it also makes me feel as if burning hours in front of the TV is alright. If I skip a gym day, I feel really crappy about it and feel like I don’t deserve to sit on my ass and play Xbox or what have you, so the two work together. Bogost talks about motion sense gaming, such as the Wii, Kinect, or Sony Move. I do believe that there is a future in motion sense gaming, but right now It’s just not that good, and somewhat unresponsive. I have a Wii at my house, as well as a Wii fit that my parents got me and my sister one year. I’m guessing they didn’t know much about Wii, but It’s literally been sitting in the corner of our living room for like 5 years. I think the only time we played it was for Guitar Hero a handful of times when we were drunk. I respect the idea of Wii Fit, and other games trying to motivate the user to be more active. I feel like games get a bad rep because It’s associated with just sitting around not “doing” anything, so I think It’s natural for game devs to come up with alternate ways to play games. As I said though, currently they kind of suck, I had a Kinect that came with my xbox, I sold it instantly because I knew I’d never use it. Bogost also mentioned games like DDR which is not only functional, but it’s decent cardio, so I’d say that’s better than Wii Fit. Is there really a reason someone at the very least can’t go out for a jog? People argue It’s about their schedule, but if you have 20 minutes to flail around with a Wii mote in your living room, you probably can go for a jog. Bogost mentioned a game called GoldWalker, which is an Iphone App type deal. GoldWalker seems like a good concept to me, I can see this working. It makes you get real exercise, but also can give you some short term goals to keep it from getting boring.


One thought on “Bogost – Exercise”

  1. Video games are actually a perfect addition to the exercise world. When I first was introduced to the Wii and Xbox Kinect, I was a little suspicious. Now I do not work out every day, but when I do, I like to work out in the comfort of my own home. I was taken aback when I found out how much energy needed to be used to play these games. Now I do not agree that these games is a perfect substitute for getting a real work out, but for a busy person like me who rarely has time to be in the gym, the Wii fulfills its purpose.

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