Videogamification on the world

The evolutionary video game!

Bogost wrote that the term ‘gamers” would become irregular, the term would be lost with time. As more of society becomes “gamers” the term would hold no weight as to the truly original definition, respectively.  The dumb down approach of video games in my opinion is the laziest from of media art! Farmville and commercially developed games that inspire nothing but passing time is brutal to the senses and those that engage in them are nothing more than cattle grazing in the pasture. Others may look at those games as fun and interesting, but they do to the senses is debilitating, using our thoughts and strategy to navigate through gameplay is what  we truly strive for. No disrespect to those that engage in those types of games but Tami Baribeau summed it up when she wrote “Compared to traditional games, Facebook games are simplistic, almost childish in art style, relatively shallow, not too difficult to master, and not ‘cool’ to play or talk about.” My sentiments exactly!




One thought on “Videogamification on the world”

  1. I totally agree with you! Ir irritates me to see people glued to their phones playing these mindless games, for un-real rewards. I truly believe they are the Reality TV of video games. Low quality but high quantity, every week theres a new “HIT” phone app or game.

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