Research: Addiction and Gaming

The addiction of gaming and the impact this activity has, is highly publicized and well known amount our communities. Its no surprise that no matter what type of gamer your are, when it comes to an intensely involved game, like “Call of Duty,” you must be all in, emotionally, physically. Your entire attention is focused on that task at hand. You could say that depending on the level gamer you are, the addiction aspect of the game may cause one to be oblivious to the world around you. This level of addiction is not unique to Call of Duty, but I will use this particular game as my game addiction example, for the single reason that I have experienced this level of addiction (fortunately I am much more in control of my amount of play).

So what makes us so engrossed in this particular game? A recent article from the Washington Post concluded that players of this game have logged over 475,000 gaming years over a 6 year span.

More to come…..


One thought on “Research: Addiction and Gaming”

  1. Call of Duty is a very addictive game, even for me. Which is troubling, because i don’t have an addictive personality. I haven’t played it much though, for I was away in China on a business trip. Im currently at JFK Airport awaiting the arrival of my brothers. Yet, despite all of the work i have at hand, i cant help but feel a need to sit back on the lazy boy and just get lost in a that fictional wonderful world. I don’t know why i have grown so fond of that game, maybe because its the only game i have, or maybe have just gotten used to playing it after work. Whatever the reason may be, i can honestly say that im partially addicted. I control my gameplay, not out of aggrevation, but because of work and flights. If not for those, i might just be playing it all day haha

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