Nardi studied the way WOW is played in China and found that many players spent time in internet areas named Wang Ba. They did this for different reasons: they lived in small places, their equipment wasn’t as good as in these stations and the social aspect was really good. Also, for the younger people, often parents didn’t approve of them playing the game. People would not only meet virtually but face to face as well. This is different to America where a lot of people play at home and make friends on line. One thing that was interesting was the number of players who were cheated in China and the way they dealt with it. They would denounce the cheaters on line to warn others and would be more active in announcing them than the Americans and Europeans would. Nardi thought that maybe this was because the economy was changing in China and that money was so important.

I was just wondering if anybody here had any experience being cheated or defrauded and what they did about it?



  1. My friends and I have played in several online tournaments where the tournament organizer just ignored the winners when they attempted to claim their prize. It’s never happened to me before, but I know that its a pretty big problem for both well-known and lesser-known tournament organizers. I also have experienced “drop hacks” in solo ladder games where players who were losing would disconnect everyone in the game, and the game would disappear from match history like it never even happened. It’s pretty frustrating but there’s not much you can do about it. Usually people send support tickets in to the player support team, and hopefully those guilty get banned. I don’t really know what happens after that, or if anyone actually does get punished, but I’ve seen a few posts about it on public forums as well. Most forums though don’t allow you to post player names to discourage witch-hunting. To clarify, these are my experiences with League of Legends, not WoW.

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