In her last chapter, “Coda” , Nardi sums up the game of WOW with a few interesting facts that I tend to agree with.

Playing the game is definitely interactive and contrasts with the passivity of other media such as movies and television. The good video games, she says “engage and stimulate visual, cognitive and social capacities.It also enables people who may not be “out there” because of illness or lack of money to really prove themselves by acing the game and making themselves feel more worthy and more part of a social forum.

Nardi also sees WOW as a work of art. Bogost already mentioned this in his chapter on video games as art. Nardi enjoys the visual effects, the game designs , the way the game makes you produce a work of art versus seeing one in the museum. She sees the designs as “visual delight”.

And then there are the rules. All good games have rules and they have to be followed. Here they are extremely important This is coupled with performance that is present for both genders. There are the “pretty
outfits and baby pets and exquisite color palette” but also a lot of dirty and nasty talk coming from the male side.

Finally there is the notion of escape that can be obtained by Mrs. Pain without leaving the house, the kids or the husband and which Nardi herself enjoys when she is taking a little time away from her work.

She obviously likes the game and will probably be continuing to research it.


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