Subjective shot

The subjective shot, the interaction between player and machine (console). What makes the subjective shot so, well, subjective? For the most part in video games we all experience the action in the same way. First person shooter games, as Galloway states, the first person shooter games allow “affective, active, mobile quality of the first-person perspective that is key for gaming, not violence.” So, what exactly is Galloway expressing here, the first person experience does give the user an expressive point of view in game play, thus allowing the user to act and react to situations that unfold.  I believe this allows the users to experience the movements and mannerisms that the character in the game is expressing, as you manipulate the controller to guild the character through the game, are you not also shifting and adjusting in your seat as the character on the screen is. The connection we have while playing first-person shooter games is both impressive and problematic, mostly due to the issue of becoming vastly obsessive with the game and the interaction we develop with the game. Do we not have an internal connection to one another, the game feeds off our input and we in turn feed of the games output.

Subjective shots as Steven Shaviro states: Events unfold in real time, in a single take, from a single point of view. The game in essentially experiencing your movements!


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