Videogame Analysis

Due Date: 6/27

Requirements: 1000-word minimum

Note: This is an optional assignment that you may complete in partial fulfillment of the A or B contract.

Where the review is a common, journalistic genre, the game analysis is an academic style essay that is analogous to the close reading of a literary text. As with close readings, the game analysis does not require you to do extensive research (i.e., it’s not a research paper). However as you are doing your research you will probably come across some good examples of game analysis. So think about the kinds of questions you might ask in conducting literary interpretation:

  • What is the deeper meaning conveyed by the text/game?
  • What feelings or thoughts is it trying to evoke?
  • What devices or mechanisms are used?

You could think about this assignment as writing another chapter in Bogost’s book (i.e. something else we can “do” with vidoegames_. Our current book, Alex Galloway’s Gaming will provide some additional examples of game analysis.

Write this as a blog post and put it in the “game analysis” category.


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