One Scholarly Article that I would like to incorporate into my Research Essay is called, “Virtual Mat: A Serious Game To Teach Logical-Mathematical Concepts For Students With Intellectual Disability.” The overarching topic that I want to address in my research paper is on the correlations, both positive and negative, of video games for individuals who are disabled. This particular article references a study that was completed on fifteen students from two inclusive education schools who have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. The study used a game called VirtualMat and  they tested the development of mathematical based on this game.

I found that this article would be an asset to use in my research essay because mathematics is a rather difficult subject for many people, including myself, to process. Now I personally do not have an intellectual disability, but based on my own knowledge of intellectual disabilities, being able to comprehend mathematical concepts, formulas, and numbers, is a rather strenuous task, so I am curious as to how this game could ease these individuals minds.

Technology and Disability 25 (2013) 107–116 107 DOI 10.3233/TAD-130375

IOS Press

VirtualMat: A serious game to teach logical-mathematical concepts for students with intellectual disability

Fernanda Francielle de Oliveira Malaquias∗, Rodrigo Fernandes Malaquias, Edgard A. Lamounier Jr. and Alexandre Cardoso


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