Galloway’s approach is different to the others we read about . He is writing more on “loving video games” than analyzing the different types or analyzing one game as Nardi did with WOW.He mentions Gilles Deleuze, the French philosopher, who was familiar to me from Professor Daly’s course last semester. So this is more of a philosophical view He sees gaming as a “massive cultural medium”, something we know is now a fact.
So we come back to the fact that gaming does not exist unless the player and the machine interact. The video game is “like the computer, an action-based medium”.
Galloway sees two types of actions: the machine action and the player action. Very different to just looking at a painting or a movie. Both sides are essential to the game and thus we have a new media. Time is one big difference with other media – a good amount of time. We may put time into reading books, but in this case this is a big investment of interacting for a long time as in WOW.


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