Visual Learners : New Media

With an increase in computer usage and new technologies, I believe that this should change the way we are educated. In the article, “Teaching the Virtual Generation,” they explain their research of how more college students appear to learn visually rather than verbally. This comes from teachers who adapt to certain teaching skills and pass that along to students. It should be important to utilize the computers and games as a way for students to express their knowledge as well as test it. I know for myself, I prefer to learn visually rather than verbally. Teachers need to find a way to educate using internet and videogame concepts to benefit the virtual generation. Many of the texts we have read discussed the idea of people learning and engaging more with different cultures. This article mentions how easy it is for students to stay connected and develop connections. It gives them the ability to contact and continue discussions with the class, meanwhile searching for research and developing new information on things outside their own niche. McGonigal notes that some people find comfort in expressing themselves online away from the public eye. This can help people express their opinions on online discussion boards without having to do so in person. The class as a whole can gather more input on certain topics by reading the thoughts of other classmates. This article is important in seeking the benefits of new media and hopefully introducing it more in classrooms. This could possibly increase the grade averages of students by obtaining their attention and working their thought process.


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