Epistomology and Gaming

Galloway talks about the ‘Allegories of control’ and the effects of gained knowledge and how we gain advantage through thought and control. Whereas game play forces the player to make decision and to understand why those specific decisions will advance the player to the next level. I believe this Epistemological reversal ( the term Galloway uses), is quite interesting to discover. I had never really imagined nor put much thought into why we play a game the way we play it. I would imagine the stress to gain valuable understanding of a game and its algorithms, is as much as we spend playing the game to begin with. For a fairly occupied gamer the epistemological theory is quite prevalent, for somebody like myself the true nature of gameplay is just entertainment, a way to pass the time.

The mind bedding trickery that is rooted in some games, like some films is the true entertaining experience, in my opinion. I think to have a magical storyline of action, deceit, treachery, love, and hate is a true purpose for gameplay.



One thought on “Epistomology and Gaming”

  1. I have never out much thought into why people play the games that they do either. From all of our readings and especially with Galloway’s depictions, people play games to live a life that they cannot or just play games to fulfill many different emotions in one sitting. Personally, I would play a game to pass the time but these readings have made me look below the surface level to truly understand why people play the games that they do.

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