Video Games and Gender Influences

I’m not 100% sure if this is what I want to work on yet, but while searching for relevant articles I came across this one which implies that video games have a bigger impression on people than any other forms of media, due to something called the Proteus Effect.

The Proteus Effect is where people integrate themselves into their digital avatar. In this study, after playing with a sexualized female character in a video game, women were more likely to agree with the rape myth (the idea that rape is the victim’s fault) than those who didn’t play. This link doesn’t seem like the official article but what does that say about the perpetuation of rape culture in America? And what is considered “sexualized?” Lara Croft used to be hypersexualized in video games, but in her most recent game, while attractive, she has an average figure. I wonder how female players view her, and the way she was treated by the psychopaths in that game.


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