“Video Games for Children and Adolescents with Special Educational Needs”

Another article that I want to use for my research essay is entitled, “Video Games for Children and Adolescents with Special Educational Needs,” by Kevin Durkin, James Boyle,Simon Hunter, and Gina Conti-Ramsden. This article sought to find answers to the following questions and concerns:  (i) the implications of developmental and learning disabilities for game play, (ii) the potential of games to address special cognitive and educational needs, and (iii) the social potential of game play.

I want to use this article as a way to see what educational disabilities they examined and see what impact, if any, this had on playing video games. The results can help me come to a conclusion on whether or not I feel that the video game usage has any implications or if it has benefits for the children.


One thought on ““Video Games for Children and Adolescents with Special Educational Needs””

  1. I think this is a very interesting topic. I would think that video games would be a positive thing for children with special needs.
    First, they often have social problems and when they are getting early intervention, they are given games to play on computers to help with their cognitive skills. They can meet other kids online without having to feel uncomfortable. Also, if they are given games that get more and more challenging, they probably will be happy when they reach certain levels even though it may take them a little longer to get there.
    Second, they may find themselves being very skilled at this and this could be wonderful for their self-esteem and encourage them to venture into other things. Finally, this would be a fine subject for them to discuss with their peers if they are having trouble connecting with them.

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