Research 2- Gender and Age Group Game Orientation

Since reading Nardi’s chapter on gender in My Life as a Night Elf Priest, I noticed that there was a lot to talk about it terms of gender when it comes to video games. As I thought about it, I realize this may be an interesting area to conduct some research.

The most recent scholarly source I found was a study done on various elementary/middle/high school students entitled, “Orientations to Video Games Among Gender and Age Groups” by Bradley Greenberg et al. Link here:

The study looks at fairly standard postulations about gaming (Males play more games than females, males and females prefer different genres of games, and so on,) and tries to analyze why this is, answering questions about both age and gender discrepancies.

The study shows clear differences in time spent gaming- all age groups had males spending twice the amount of time playing as females. Also, of the nine different motives the study names for playing games, competition wound up being the strongest for almost every age and gender group. These results were interesting and provide insight onto most any gender-related topic that I think I may consider writing about.


5 thoughts on “Research 2- Gender and Age Group Game Orientation”

  1. This is a very cool study you found and I agree that it should provide a solid basis for any gender related topic you’re thinking of writing about. This topic is definitely worth exploring because our choices tell a lot more about us than we could ever tell about ourselves, so data like you found speaks volumes as we explore human nature and the things that unite and divide us.

    It is interesting that competition was the stongest motivator for almost every age and gender group; that is a stong indicator that one thing that motivates us as a species is, naturally, competition; that is likely one reason that videogames are so immensely popular.

    For your research paper, it might be interesting to see what developments you are able to make along this thread with other available data; your paper on age and gender could easily transition into one on what unites us and divides us as people and how videogames make those factors evident. This is a very insightful topic that I think you will do well with.

  2. I don’t know if any study like this exists, but it would be really interesting to see how the numbers of age and gender compare to ESRB ratings of games. What ages are people playing T and M rated games? Is there a higher likelihood of males playing M rated games with lots of violence and gore, or is there no real difference? Personally, I’d find that very interesting, and just thought I’d suggest that as a possibility for future research.

  3. Some of the articles I have had have the same general argument that males play more videogames than females. From what I gather, the advancement of technology has helped increase the amount of females playing videogames to a much higher rate than it once was in the 1990’s. I believe this has to do a lot with the different varieties of games that allow females more options as well as different ones that they can find more to their liking. I am very interested in this research of the increasing amount of females taking part in the gaming world, considering this new generation is full of new technologies.

    1. Agreed. It seems there are a great number of games that have been being released as of late that have had much more appeal to a female audience. It would also be interesting to see what genres tend to be the most popular, and find out if old adages (like how females tend to play the Sims a lot, or some other generalization) actually held true at one point and if they still do today.

  4. I think gender is a huge factor in considering who likes certain types of video games over another. Generally, I just think that some men have some different interests than some females, but that is on a broad scale and by no means exclusive. For example, more men may be more interested in playing games like World of Warcraft, whereas women may like a game like Dance Dance Revolution, but thats needless to say that a woman cannot enjoy World of Warcraft or a man cannot have Dance Dance Revolution as a guilty pleasure. It is definitely intriguing to consider the marketing and advertising perspectives from the companies ends to see what they disclose as their ranges.

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