Gaming and Immersion, how far can we go?

I think i’ll jump on the bandwagon and post about the subjective shot. I love seeing everyone’s thoughts on the subject. Personally, I never thought a First-Person Shooter (FPS) was told from anything but a Point of view (POV) shot. I always thought that we (the gamer) were essentially playing the story through the point of view. Now after reading Galloway’s Gaming I think that to label any FPS as told through a POV would be a disgrace to the game itself, and all the people who created it.

After reading about the subjective shot, I began to re-think my experiences with FPS gaming. Now I know I was not experiencing the wonderful stories such as Halo from the point of view of Master Chief, but as the actual character of Master Chief. After learning this I realized that video games provide you with an experience that no other piece of media, or storytelling can. The experience of actually BEING a character. Not only are you experiencing the story an FPS provides, you’re making the character’s moves, his decisions, his actions. The ability to be someone entirely different, someone from a different universe, someone of a different species is mind blowing. The essays Galloway wrote really opened my eyes on video games. I’m not just playing the games, i’m living them.

That within itself is justification alone as to how far we have come in our media and in our culture. Stories are no longer told, they are lived.


2 thoughts on “Gaming and Immersion, how far can we go?”

  1. It completely opened my eyes as well! I always thought that the POV perspective was in order to immerse yourself into the game. When,in fact, for the most part, were not entering the game as ourselves, but as a completely different person. We take on a different persona, a new background, identify. I guess, unknowingly, this was the main reason I began to like playing COD and GTA. It puts me in a position that’s contradictory to my morals and behavior. Its the thrill of doing unspeakable things without reprecusions that lure us more and more into these games.
    From now on, I too will look into the characters of the games I play. Not just to be a player, but to be the player, that character, the sharp shooter, whose shot depends on the outcome of the mission the guy who must kill the hooker in order to obtain chump change to purchase more bullets. This is the beggining of a whole new gameplay for me!

  2. I would also like to think that FPS is much more imaginative than reading a book. You can read the greatest book in the world, but at the end of the day, what you would like to read happen or how you would like to have the ending go will not always go within the reader’s favor. Even though the story line has been created for both the book and a video game, within the video game, you can chose your own destiny and how you achieve the outcome of the game. FPS makes the player become much more involved with playing which actually makes one’s imagination much broader.

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