Movies VS. Video Games

In chapter 2 of Galloway’s book, he talks about different techniques in movies: subjective shots and POV shots. He gives different examples of each type of shot and different movies should it be Hitchcock movies, movies like “Being John Malkovich”, or “The Graduate”, and “The Blair Witch Project”.  These subjective shots work really well in movies like “The Terminator”, which is very computerized .

When considering video games, we come across what is called the first-person shooter, which are “played in the subjective” often with a weapon. The weapon is in the foreground. There is a clear influence from movies when they show this kind of subject.

The influence of film making on game design has also gone the other way in Galloway calls “gamic cinema”.

“The traditional cinematic POV has fallen away, and an electronic has taken its place”,  says Manovich.

Galloway claims that “gamic vision requires fully rendered, actionable space”, and this complete space has to be designed in advance and three-dimensionally. The difference with film, is that the player controls the camera position and all his or her moving around.






One thought on “Movies VS. Video Games”

  1. The difference between gaming and cinema is one that developers seem to struggle with these days. It often seems that they want to tell a story so badly, they focus all their attention of delivering the story through plot and cutscenes instead of delivering it through gameplay.

    Rather than gaming replacing the cinema POV, I think it is important for each of these to exist in their own right, as gaming offers a POV that can only be achieved in that medium. This is the idea of progressing the story yourself, and having a personal impact on the outcome. In games like The Last of Us, you are not simply being led on a journey– you are being placed into a world where your every decision will change what happens next. You are the main character, and the story is happening all around you as you progress. This personal resonance as the main character of the story can only be achieved through playing a game as the main character yourself, and being led to make the decisions you do. I always think of in Final Fantasy 7, when Aerith dies, you as the player are personally upset. Not because of her in-story relationship with the main character, but because you have spent the last 72 hours leveling up her stats and getting her to be as strong as you needed! And now, that has all been ripped from you, and the personal investment you have put into this game has been ripped out. As she is murdered in the story, it really feels as if she has been taken from you, and you grow to hate the antagonist even more. You simply cannot achieve that in other media, and it fascinates me.

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