Resaerch – The Business of Video Games

I’ve been having a hard time deciding on a research topic. A lot of ideas have come and gone, but I believe there’s many aspects to discuss when it comes to money and business with video games. The first article I selected is an article about Grand Theft Auto 5’s first day sales. Video games are rapidly becoming the top profiting piece of media for the big triple AAA titles. The top two movies in the box office at the moment bought in 49 million and 57 million their opening week, so most likely those numbers will decline next week. GTA 5 racked up 800 million on its first 24 hours, and won 7 Guinness world records including Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion and Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours. Big Hollywood titles like Avatar will always make absurd amounts of money, especially with other sources of revenue related to the film that people buy, but video games are becoming a contender.


2 thoughts on “Resaerch – The Business of Video Games”

  1. One thing I have learned from this course so far is that there is way more to videogames than I had ever considered before. I had always focused on the social aspect of videogames and how they seem to take people away from the world they live in, but I have since seen how videogames influence education, technology, and our take on life.

    The business side is another aspect I have not given much thought to, so I’m glad that you are bringing it up. One thing that might make choosing a research topic a little easier is choosing one aspect of business that is particularly interesting to you and researching what connection it has with videogames. Sometimes it is hard to get started when the topic is broad, so this might help.

    Some topics that might be interesting could be: the role of advertising in videogame sales, if there is one; where these massive profits eventually end up (the salaries of ceos of some of these videogame companies); the position of videogames in the US/global economy; jobs/businesses that exist as a result of videogames, etc. I hope this helps.

  2. This subject is also an interesting one because if we are starting to compare the money grossed by movies when they come out and compare them to the amounts grossed by video games when THEY come out, then this really shows us, as we have learned from the different authors we have read, that gaming is the new media and can be compared to all other media.

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