Children teaching Children

I really enjoyed the article, “Children Teaching Children with their Computer Game Creations,” because it opens up to the idea of allowing children to express themselves through technology and also having the ability to teach other kids. “Additionally, such games should incorporate activities to prepare for play, include indirect competition with quick rewards, and have nontraditional conflict situations that can be solved in nonconfrontational ways,” (Boyd 117). These games, as McGonigal mentions, gives them a goal to achieve. By having that purpose, children can be guided to learn while feeling productive. A child prefers to play his videogames rather than being lectured. This should be applied to classrooms. Children can sometimes have a difficult time sitting still and paying attention to the speaker. By playing these videogames, it can keep them focused and also teach them some information. “When children create games for children, they form educational theories, test their pedagogy, and make changes based on peer responses to their games,” (Boyd 117). Games can help with education using active, critical learning and even self-knowledge. It pushes the child to test their own knowledge in creating the game and allows even more rewards by teaching these concepts to other children. A majority of new generation children are visual learners based on the technology they are surrounded by. This helps them learn in an environment and way that they are comfortable in and can be easily engaged in.


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