Violence and Videogames

This semester has intrigued me with the idea of how many people connect the idea of physical violence and video games.   I can remember when the tragedy at Columbine High school happened and the reports that many news outlets created.  For a while, my mother made my brother and I stop playing video games.  I never understood why, but she was very sure that video games would destroy our psyche and we would end up being violent adolescents and adults.  This was obviously not the case, but I am interested on how this idea conjured up into society.

For my paper, I would like to focus on the effects that video games have on its players and if people associate violence to occur more in the minority community or in Suburbia America.  In addition to the horrific violence, I would like to focus on why some events are singled out rather than other tragedies that people might think occur because of playing violent video games.



One thought on “Violence and Videogames”

  1. I think that you pose a very fascinating question in regards to whether violence from video games is more prevalent in Suburbia or in minority America. One thing I was unsure of was whether you were looking at ethnicity or race in this respect, or if you were referring to suburbia verses a rural community verses a city community. I think that regardless of which you intended to say, the research would be something I would love to read and be interested in hearing why results lead in one direction over another. Personally, I am not so sure it is a determining factor of where someone is from, rather than how they are raised and their mental stability.

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