Games Research #1 (Topic)

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to write about how children socially responded to video games. I thought that this topic was way to broad and so I decided to narrow it down to sports. How do children respond socially to sports based video games? In year’s past, I’ve danced for 6 years, played soccer for four, and I am entering my 3rd years as a member of the UB Women’s rugby team. My parents stressed the importance of playing sports. Not only did it keep me active and gave me something to do on the weekends, but it also allowed me to interact with other children. I’ve gained many friends thorough my sports experiences. But with more and more children playing video games, how does this affect their ability to interact with other children? I think that you undoubtedly gain an a more meaningful experience by getting on a field a kicking around a soccer ball around with some friends as opposed to playing FIFA all day online with a friend. I’m interested to find out what research has been done on this and if people feel that there is a different dynamic with children when they don’t play outdoors and whether playing sports based video games compensate for that. Is it possible that children can learn the same sportsmanship and meaningful values they would in a physical face to face setting by playing sports based video games?


One thought on “Games Research #1 (Topic)”

  1. You’re topic sounds incredibly interesting! I have also been taught, from a young age, to maintain a healthy athletic lifestyle. The sports I have come to love, from this upbringing: Soccer,rugby, football, and running. On my part, these sports have given me many other personality traits, that I feel videos games couldnt give children( though you might prove me wrong). I would also like to know if sports based videos games promote actual outdoor activities. Or, whether children substitute video games sports for actual outdoors play. I kind of have a hunch and an opinion/guess, but I would love to see what you uncover in your research. I would also like to discover the social and psychological effects, such games have on children. Whether they promote or enhance sociality, diminish it, or if it stays the same. `

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