Did anyone see this? Video game playing has now reached a new level “no pun intended”.

This college is now going to put video game players in the same category as athletes. This would be a good new chapter for Bogost because these kids will now be able to get the same scholarships and benefits as athletes in college. For them, video game playing is treated like a sport and teams will be competing with other teams all over the country.


2 thoughts on “INTERESTING NEWS”

  1. I definitely did not see this coming. I know there are always people who scrutinize certain activities being categorized as sports, for example cheerleading. That being said, if cheerleading is going to be debated about its legitimacy of a sport, I cannot even see how something like video games could even be considered. There is no athleticism involved in some video games! I suppose if we are talking about Wii, than I could see the athletic component to it because you are moving to play the games. If you are talking about Call of Duty or Super Mario Party, however, I can’t see that being put into the same category as football, baseball, or even soccer.

  2. I feel conflicted on this topic. In a sense, I’m glad that they are opening up the field and are allowing students, who don’t play sports to get scholarship. However, I do not see the point of this besides getting an easy way to go to college.

    If you’re a sports player, then you may receive a scholarship in order to advance your career. If you’re strong in a particular subject, then you may receive a scholarship for your academic merit so that you can continue your career. I think scholarships should be used to further your passion or desires for something. In terms of getting scholarships for video games, I don’t think it’s necessary unless these students plan on pursuing a career that involves video games etc.

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