Research 6- Breaking the “Gamer” Stereotype

This article is entitled “Women, Socialization, and Video Games,” published in Women in Higher Education in November 2011. As always, the link here:

The first sentence of the article reads, “Most people are astonished to learn that about half of women are gamers.” The whole idea behind the article is demonstrating how the stereotypes are fading out, and quotes statistics about women who play games like Bejewled and Solitaire, much like McGonigal did in the first book we read for class, Reality is Broken. Technicalities a aside, the facts are facts, and the argument is that because most game designers are white males, they really don’t understand the female audience. Dr. Chris Paul is mentioned in the article citing ways in which the industry can improve general gender inclusiveness in games. He suggestions were: “Diversify the gamer base as a way to diversify the student body, design community and stimulate other ideas… Enroll more women in courses on game studies… [and] [e]ducate both industry and academia on women’s issues and the role games play.” With this in mind, the idea is that women will stop being so alienated by the regularly produced console games and help expand the industry’s audience.


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