Research Post #4

Title of the Article:  United States:  in video games, Black Women are victims, Latinas don’t exist

Author(s): cad, molly dragiewicz, angie manzano, vanessa mcmullin, karla mantilla and barbara watkins


This was a very short article found from a journal.  I am actually very disappointed in this because this could have been so much more.  I will further research this subject because I do find it very interesting.

Only 16% of the human characters in the top-selling video games are females.  The article then further states that when these females were represented in video games they are portrayed as bystanders (50%), more likely to scream, and less likely to be fully clothed than male characters.  Blacks are portrayed as victims and are violently harmed in the games whereas Latin women are not even represented in video games.


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