Research Post #3

Title of the Article:  Marketing and Policy Consideration for Violent Video Games

Author(s): Kelly Anders


“Has the little white ball from the 1970s blossomed into something unforeseen, or has the gaming industry, or has the gaming industry created a subculture of gamers who have developed a taste for blood and gore? Which preceded the other, supply or demand?  Or did the gaming industry capitalize on demand [a] that already existed?”  These are some of the questions that the article has posed and it has also made me actually wonder about the answers to these questions.

There is a section in the article that breaks down the rating system that is used for video games.  The rating for games considered Kids to Adults is “intended for players 6 years or older….these games can include cartoon violence”.   As of January 1998, the Kids to Adults rating was replaced by the Everyone rating.  Of the 5,000 games that have been voluntarily rated, 71% have a K-A or E rating.  In other words, almost three quarters of the 5,000 games that have been voluntarily rated possibly have had some type of violence within them.  From a very young age, children are exposed to violence through all sources of media.  I related this article to the first article that I read because as people, we really do not associate violence against cartoon as harmful when in actuality; this can actually be the starting point for a future murder.


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