research topic post 1

I’ve been astonished by the lack of responsibility evident in todays society, specially when it comes to parenting. The vast majority feel that it isnt the parents who are at fault, but the government. This idea I find illogical. Therefore, for my research topic I have chosen to cover the topic: ‘The effect video game violence as on a child’. Several classmates side with me on my standing, which is, ‘there isn’t much correlation, if any between the two’.  I have been researching this topic pretty extensively and have come upon many great articles and discussions, however, I am currently on a business trip in Cali. and I haven’t had much time to post on here.  Tomorrow I return back  to NY, and you could expect to many interesting and informative posts!


One thought on “research topic post 1”

  1. I think it would be great to analyze the affect of violent video games on children. it think it’s a stretch to say that there isn’t a correlation between violence video games an children. Is this what your topic is about? I think that children gain a lot of knowledge from video games as well as social skills. I see no reason to believe that they can’t pick up bad habits from them as well. There have been incidents of children harming other children form things they see on t.v. and I would think it would be the same in a video game.

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