Games Research #2

Can children really improve their lifestyle physically by playing sports based video games? The article entitled, “United Health Study Shows Sports Video Games Help Children lose Weight” by Zina Moukheiber states that it can.

The article that can be found at, is about a program called “JOIN for ME” that was created by UnitedHealth Group. “JOIN for ME” is a weight loss program for children which included sports such as bowling, soccer, and track and field. The children “who are overweight or obese, attend weekly group sessions with their parents for 16 weeks at YMCAs, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Goals include tracking calories (sweets and fried foods are limited to two servings a day), physical activity, and screen time (two hours a day). After 16 weeks, they can opt to attend monthly sessions for an additional eight months” (Moukheiber).

A pediatrician named Dr. Deneen Vojta thought that children would be able to lose more weight if they played sports based video games. I particularly like this article because it helped me see that I’m not the only one that thinks sports based video games can be beneficial , but it also showed me the fault in assuming that this is the future of sports.


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