Games Research #3

In a “TIME” article written by Alice Park entitled, “Why Active Video Games Don’t Make Kids Exercise More”, “exergames”, as they are called in this article, get a bad rep. Normally, parents buy their children the Wii or X-Box Kinect in order to motivate their children into being active. Not only are these games presumed to be fun, but they will physically benefit the child. Based upon the research that was shown in this article, children who own these game consoles exercise roughly the same amount as children who don’t have them. In order to lose weight, these children mist actually play the games. What’s distracting these children? The article suggests that even though these games may be fun, children still need that extra push form their parents. I think that if children had that extra push from their parents when it comes to video games, video games wouldn’t have such a stigma attached to it.


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