Games Research 3

I’ve also just found this video of the very same David Gaider giving a talk on sexism and sexuality in video games. He points out that while you can never please everyone, games should make an active effort to not ‘disinvite’ players from a game, based on romantic options or hypersexualization of characters. What’s really interesting about this video is that Gaider gives perspective on how he, his coworkers, and video games as a whole have changed over time with the games he worked on. From thinking they were being generous with writing only one male romance option to the fact that he became known as the “the romance guy” because no one felt comfortable writing a male romance.  He writes about the evolution of gaming and how inclusion is successful despite what the stereotypes may tell us.


One thought on “Games Research 3”

  1. I think it’s important to acknowledge the diverse gamers, ranging from different races, genders and even ages. Games are not limited to only young adults or children, but are open to all ages. There are games designed for toddlers, which will have different concepts and easy maneuvering. With this being said, female gamers are increasing since the beginning of game productions. It is hard to mesh interests, especially when thinking of male and female gaming desires. This being said, I think a great, creative game can be made by having a diverse staff for the game developments. This way, there can be unique storylines without favoring a specific population.

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