Gaming and Business

This article stood out to me because I am a cashier trainer who uses computer games to help my trainees understand the registers. In one of the games, they learn how to speak to customers while using specific bagging techniques. In the article, “The Potential of Business-Gaming Methods in Research,” the researchers discuss how beneficial gaming is in training for management or specific positions in the work field. Another benefit is to help the employees practice their decision making skills and even logic. The article does a study on supermarkets and gaming, using the games for decision making and working with products such as produce, meat, seafood and grocery. These certain games allow the strengths and weaknesses to be shown. Also, it can show how much information is known as well as the different management styles. In a study between managers and students, the game showed that students would raise prices in creating advertisements while managers would lower them. They also were more knowledgeable than the managers. Students were more impulsive in decision making than an experience manager. Gaming can help businesses find these strengths and weakness. Not only this, but it can also help them to perform research on knowledge and advertising to better the company. I think this article helps show the benefits of increasing technology and how this can change the future.


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