Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Review

“Before you were famous…you were new to Hollywood.”


The cameras are rolling, the lights are flashing, the music is bumping, and the best of the best are rolling up to the red carpet. Amongst those people is the reality television star, fashion, and model legend herself, Ms. Kim Kardashian. The minute you open up the game you are exposed to the limelight and the world of fame and fortune. You have now entered the world of Kim Kardashian and her luxurious lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon, sex symbol, and elite businesswoman. From her clothing lines, magazine spread, and even acting from time to time, she has become a household name and a powerful woman not to be reckoned with. So coming out with a videogame about her lavish Hollywood lifestyle would be just one of her many dreams to mark off of her checklist.

If you have not had so much as a glimpse of the iconic Kim Kardashian and her renowned empire, than this video game, called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, provides a mere insight into all that she is and has created. From her celebrity husbands of Kris Humphries and Kanye West, her baby North (Nori) West, to her family’s reality television show, her self proclaimed modeling business, and, lastly, in her participation in her clothing stores, named Dash, it is needless to say that all aspects of her life are exemplified in this invigorating game. It allows you to experiment with fashion, fame, and, of course, men. For those individuals who enjoy following celebrity gossip and are fashion guru’s, this game provides the perfect outlet to be able to get a taste of it all from a real life Kardashian perspective.

As of June 25, 2014, whether you are on your iPhone or iPad, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can be taken with you wherever you go. Just like the paparazzi who follow her, this game allows its players to take it with them wherever they go and they, too, can experience what it is to be famous and always having to look good. As you go from level to level in the game, it takes you to all of Kim’s favorite types of places and things to do, such as shopping in clothing boutiques, attending glamorous parties, making guest appearances, visiting with all of her friends, and checking in with the media. Upon first starting the game you get to pick your character, either male or female, and how they are dressed from head to toe. Hair, makeup, accessories…the whole nine yards. As you go from one level to the next, you must complete all of the tasks that Kim has set forth and with each task completed you get to amp up your style and read what the media has to say about it. Your trending ensembles are determined appropriate or not based on the caliber and exclusivity of the event that is being attended. A more low key event provides for a more tamed outfit choice, rather than an extravagant benefit that deems a more exquisite appearance. The more you play, the more you’ll come out looking like a superstar and learning the ropes to what it is to live amongst the rich and famous, as holds true for Kim Kardashian. It’s a game you simply cannot put down because you never know what cool experience or new look you’ll get next! I mean from the trendy clothes, to meeting other celebrities, and even dating some of the people that Kim surrounds herself with, this game allows you to literally be a part of her life and her hectic world.

While this game would seem to cater more towards females because was created by Kim Kardashian, the game does manage to cater towards men, as well. At the very beginning of the game, there is the opportunity to choose working with a male character, verses a female. That being said, this allows the player to do all of the shopping and accessorizing with male fashion in mind. The glitz and glam applies a bit differently to men because whereas the women in the game are exemplified being trendier, the game suggests that the men should be dressed in a more basic, yet sleek and handsome apparel. For the males who want to play this game, they do not have to worry as much about woman’s fashion if they do not prefer to, which is where this option of choosing a male character comes in handy. I do commend Kim Kardashian for attempting to make this a game appealing to both genders, even though I cannot foresee many men choosing to play this game over something involving a bit more action and violence.

Now although Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is totally a fun and exciting game to play, I cannot see it being one that becomes a so-called “fan favorite.” It is very much directed towards girly girls and fasionistas, of which I am not so convinced would find this game to be one that they would want to play over and over. For me at least, I envisioned playing this game once and than I would get bored of it. It is intriguing to see what will come next in the game and what new adventure Kim will bring you on and with what other celebrities, but eventually it gets kind of old. There are only so many shops that you can shop in and so much of the same thing you can do before it gets old. So, while this game is new and exciting at the moment, the hype may potentially die down sooner rather than later with regards to this game.

Overall, I believe that this game has some potential to be successful, with the right amount of marketing and publicity. There is one positive and one negative aspect to a video game being released by Kim Kardashian, however. On the one hand, she has slightly tarnished her reputation after her very public divorce with Kris Humphries. Those individuals who have sided with Kris in the divorce battle may not advocate for a game that was released by Kim. On the other hand, Kim is now married to Kanye West and is associated with his eccentric fashion taste, so her game may possibly draw in a different group of people who are supporters of the “Kimye” brand. All in all, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is such a new game that its respect and success will have to be earned over the course of the next few months. Is it a great game and the next best thing….no probably not. Is it a good game that can be fun to play from time to time….absolutely.




One thought on “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Review”

  1. I have seen so many commercials about this game and since you wrote a review, I decided to download it. Within the first 10-15 minutes of the game I got addicted but then I lost interest when I ran out of energy and had to WAIT to complete a task. That is when I lose complete interest in the game. I did find myself laughing at some points where the news feed would be update and it would give me the latest update on my character. The terminology is too up to date for me lol. This is a game that I would have to play when there is really nothing else to do and I have to kill time. I guess that I will keep it as an app on my phone.

    Overall, I think that you did a great review on the game. There wasn’t any aspect of the game sugar coated and you made me want to play the game for myself to find out if I would like it or not.

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