Research Post #5

Title of the Article:  Deciding to Defect: The Effects of Video-Game Violence on Cooperative Behavior

Author(s): Brad E. Sheese and William G. Graziano


Because many people believe that video games was the main factor that led Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to commit the murder-suicide at Columbine High School, it was very interesting to see that the game that was used to conduct the experiment in for the article was Doom.  Doom was the game that was said to be played by these teens very frequently and also it is what many people believe caused the teens to act so violent.

This semester I am also taking a Political Science course.  Within this article the term Prisoner’s Dilemma was used.  In essence the Prisoner’s Dilemma is a situation in which two players each have two options whose outcome depends crucially on the simultaneous choice made by the other, often formulated in terms of two prisoners separately deciding whether to confess to a crime.  I liked how I was able to connect the two courses with one another through this article.  With this being said, I would also like to explore what was concluded from the experiment which is “playing a violent video game appears to have contributed directly to participants’ willingness to exploit their interaction partners” (Sheese, et. al. 356).


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