As you already know, I’m not much of a gamer at all, so my analysis might be sub par.

Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS3 is the game which will be focused here. The game was a gift to me . It was accompanied by a PS3 and Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3.  When time permits, which is only about 4 hours a week, I pop in the game and mentally prepare myself for some mayhem.


GTA 5 is an addictive, beautifully designed actions game developed by Rockstar Games. It was released not to long ago, September 17 2013 to be exact, for both X-Box and Playstation 3. However, GTA 5 is set to release for Playstation 4, X-box One, and Pc this Fall as well. The first game in the series was released in 1997.

The gameplay of every game in the series is: free roaming, open world, action-adventure. Its third person point of view also. Each game is based in fictional cities, Sand Andreas, Vice City, etc.

One of the most intriguing and unique features of the series is, game after game, it gets more and more violent. Which adds more interest to it, which is why the series is so popular.


Moving onto the game of topic, GTA is one of my favorites.  As with all of the games in the GTA series, there are missions, objectives, and an overall story to follow.  The game allows you  to control three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. I personally prefer to play as Trevor, no real reason or explanation, I just, for some reason, prefer him.

Some missions allow you to switch between each, while some only permit game play with only one character. Though you can switch between characters the majority of the time, each character is better at something than the other. Such as driving, swimming, and flying planes.


Speaking of planes, that’s my favorite feature. I would have never thought that this feature would ever be incorporated into the game, but RockStar proved me wrong. Flying planes and helicopters is the main reason I play this game.

After you complete the first mission in the beginning, you are free to roam the game, the world is your oyster, or the city in this case. this is what I did. I just completed the first mission, and then went straight into online mode, which I love! Never have I ever encountered such insane individuals. To get the most out of online play, a headset is a must! Once online and headset on, you will enter a new world. you can expect to encounter people from down the street, another state, and even another country.

But perhaps what most astonishes me while online, is the age of the children playing the game. four out of five times you can expect to hear a young voice, predominantly boys. This astonished me from the start. So many curses spewed out of his mouth, some that I had never even used! screaming “i’ll kill you!” “you fag!”. I was astonished, lost for words even. Speechless. This went on for weeks until I finally decided to investigate how an innocent soul acquired this game, and for that matter, his vocabulary.


Upon discussion, one child confessed that his mother bought it for him, another said it was his brothers, and another even, whose age was 15, said that he just bought it himself!


I asked the youngest, 12, if his family knew about his gameplay. he said that they did know, but never made a big deal out of it. this was the case for every single child/ teen I spoke with.

I was appaulled by the irresponsibility. Parents without a care in the world, oblivious to the atrocities, games like GTA subject children to.

It is this irresponsibility that endangers the lives and future of the young.

Needless to say, video game violence is a concern to me, because I feel it’s indeed rising. this may be due to games, tv shows, and society, but its the irresponsibility of the adults that is the root of this problem.

I couldn’t continue playing with children of such young age, and attempted to persuade them to turn it off, but it didnt help, instead, they opted to just kill my character. which was hilarious.


Pardon my digression.


The game allows for you to use multiple weapons. you can choose from guns, knives, and even bottles! basically, if there were any realistic way to kill someone, it’s there. however, these items aren’t cheap, or free. in order to obtain money to purchase these items, you must complete missions or rob gas stations. Or, you could befriend some ‘rich’ online players so you could receive money as a gift.

I personally prefer three weapons over everything. The flamethrower, the minigun, and the tank. the flame thrower allows you to incinerate anything and everything, which is fun at first, but then you begin to feel some sort of conscience reflection.  The tank isn’t much fun, but its near impregnable. and it destroys everything, near or far. but my favorite of the three is the minigun. it hold a maximum of nine-hundred bullets, and it shoots about one hundred freedoms persecond! “MURRICA!!


To sum it up; Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great game. I give it a 10/10. Why? because of the beautiful graphics. seriously, everything in it is finely drawn and put together that it deserves an award! Another reason is because of the excitement it brings. sure, it’s probably one of the most violent games on the market, but your fun is limitless on it. You can ride a boat, ride a bike, fly a plane, or simply just cruise in you ‘Ferrari’ like cars. Then again it could also take another turn, and you could feel like you’re in the middle of a scene from ‘”The Purge”.  I would recommend this game to anyone! But, i feel as though everyone already has the game. And if you don’t have this game, please get it as soon as possible! your inner felon will thank you endlessly.

However, I ask if you have young siblings or if any young children can access the game, please hide it, and kindly explain why. Do it for the future of our nation!


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