Words With Friends

Claudio Sinchi

‘Words With Friends’

Words with friends is an exiting new game, to me that is. At first I hesitated downloading it because I prefer to only have usefull apps and content on my iphone.

but, I after my sister forcefully downloaded it for me, I was actually greatfull! needless to say, it’s the only game on my Iphone. But what makes WWF so good, that even a sophisticated business like myself can enjoy you ask? well ill tell you.


Let’s begin with the price, which is it’s selling point, so to speak. It sells for ninety-nine cents, but you can download the free ‘lite’ version, like I have, before you fork over your hard earned pennies. It’s available on both apple and Android operating systems, as well as for tablets! have this game on both, my Ipad and iPhone because, as I mentioned before, its highly addictive. And it’s not only me, even Alec Baldwin is obsessed with it. He tweeted, after being kicked of an A&A plane:

“Flight attendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.”

But what makes this app so addictive and entertaining, that famous actors would rather miss their flight than turn WWF off?

Essentially, WWF is a digital socialized version of the popular board game, Scrabble.  It packs both the entertainment and the competitiveness of the board game, but with many more exciting features. To begin, you need to create an account. You may connect using your Facebook profile or your e-mail address. Once you’ve done that, you can challenge your friends, as well as your ‘friends’. The same goes for your email. Also, if you don’t want to play with friends, you can challenge a complete stranger. This works via the ‘smart match’ feature. This feature determines your skill level and finds someone of the same level for you to play with. WWF allows you to play up to twenty different games at a time, which is an amazing feature, because you’re not restricted to only a game, waiting  for your opponent to make a move, you have the freedom to play multiple games, keeping you even busier and more entertained.


Moving into the actual gameplay, anything goes. Well, sort of. You see, unlike the board game, WWf doesn’t care or force you to consider words twice before laying them down. It gives you an infinite amount of chances to make a word, and even when you do make a word, it asks you to think twice before submitting it. So your basically winging it, hoping something is accepted. You must always start from the center, on the ‘plus’ tile, every other word that follows must be attached to previously played words. The winner of the game is the person with the most points. That means you must strategize so as to combine more than one bonus tile. Another way to victory is if you, by some miracle, form a word out of all the seven letters given. A strategy that I have begun to you is, forcing your opponent to the outside of the board, during which your overall objective is to obtain a Triple Word Square, which triples your points. However, don’t feel like this is a do or die game. It has many handy features that could be used to anyone’s advantage.

For example, the ‘Pass’ feature allows you to skip your turn if you’re ‘lost for words’ so to speak. It also has a ‘shuffle’ feature, which prevents you from straining your eyes, and brain for that matter mentally rearranging the letters, instead you can shuffle them with just the tap of the screen. And if after shuffling your letters you still can’t create a word, then you can use the ‘swap’ feature, which allows you to choose which letters you want to swap out for new ones.

Don’t worry though, if you feel you can’t contrive a word with your letters, you can pass. But be forewarned, you can only pass three times, after which you will forfeit the game.

But perhaps what makes the game addictive is its ‘chat’ feature. This feature allows you to simultaneously make a move, while also intimidating or trash talking your opponent.

I personally love to intimidate my opponent because, like everyone, I want to win!

The one and only con that I encountered while playing the game, is that some words which we normally consider grammatically correct, or part of our every day vocabulary, arent considered valid words in the game. Even some’urban words’ or slang. however, I prefer that urban and slang be kept out either way, though I would appreciate some more flexability and additions to the vocabulary index.

To sum it all up: the game is a ‘socialized scrabble’: fun, addictive, entertaining, and helpful. The fact that you can simultaneously play with over twenty people makes it addictive. You could have a never ending amount of moves to make. Though the game in its self is entertaining, the chat feature magnifies it. I personally trash talk my little cousins and nephews, making bets on who will win, setting time limits per word, and even just convincing them to quit, which sounds mean and all, but when your as incredibly competitive as I am, this is normal behavior! However, the chat feature could also be used to to socialize with strangers and let certain things off your chest. Which is incredibally beneficial for people with socail anxiety or incredibaly shy persons. Perhaps using WWF and its chat feature, these people can improve their social skills and better ‘fit in’ with society. Finally, WWF is helpful because of the aformentioned personality development opportunities, but also because it helps children, and even adults of all ages better their vocabulary. My nephews are perfect examples of this benefit. They would spend hours at a time, dicitonary and thesaurus at hand looking for words to beat me at this game. and it is because of the addicition this game brings forth that my nephews have gained lexical richness, and are now using words two to three grade levels beyond them! Take it from me, download the game, you won’t regret it, give it a try, you have nothing to lose!


2 thoughts on “Words With Friends”

  1. It’s funny I did not even think about this game when I was considering what video game to review. I absolutely love Words with Friends and was definitely addicted to playing it. As someone who loves the game Scrabble, Words with Friends is as close as it gets. I literally had to delete the game off of my phone because I would just sit playing for hours. You are definitely right that it brings a social aspect to Scrabble because it allows you to interact with others while playing.

  2. Same with Amanda, I never thought of using a cell game as a game review! I guess video games are transcending all platforms now! It;s pretty cool to look at a game like WWF and see how it can connect people. To play scrabble you would need to get people to physically travel to your house, set up the board, and move the pieces. With WWF you just need your phone and the internet, you can play with people all over! I totally agree with you on the aspect of the game bettering peoples vocab, believe me I know some bad spellers. Maybe some of my friends should play more of this and less FPS’. I think they would benefit from it. Anyways, I thought you had a great review!

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