Children and positive video game influence

Given there is two side to every scenario, I wanted to look into the positive or at least progressive side of video gaming. The use of video games as a educational/exercise medium among adolescent and handicapped persons.

I researched a paper written by Mark Griffiths, titled The educational benefits of Videogames. Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Professor of Gambling studies in the Psychology division of Nothingham trent University. He has also wrote and contributed to research in the addiction that video games can cause. There is no doubt that video games cause inattentive children and adolescents, but this activity also promotes what Griffiths calls “edu-tainment.”

Furthermore, this type of approach can also apply to rehabilitation among children and adolescents. Griffiths states, in one case an electronic game was used to improve arm control in a 13 year old with Erb’s Palsy. The author concluded that the game format capitalized on the child’s urge to succeed, rather then the pain associated with movement.


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