PC Games in Classrooms

Sometimes, research for a paper can feel endless. Though, what if there were games that allowed you to research topics just by playing? The lecturing style of teaching has even teachers complaining about how students leave the end of the year passing the class, but not retaining any of the information that was given. In the article, “PC Games and the Teaching of History,” it shows how students use these games to relate history to their time period, and also, better remember the events that took place in history. During a class, a professor used “Grand Theft Auto” to relate to chain events in history. The students were immediately more engaged and attentive when actively participating, keeping their minds from straying away from the information given. Another instance, kids played as Native Americans traveling to take back land and succeeding. The students then were critically thinking about why the events in history were different than the game and how it happened. when using the game “Patrician 2,” students used their skills and information to reconstruct and build. Students who attended the class were more engaged in the group discussions and were thinking critically about the historical events. It is a new way of learning and retaining information, which is important to hold on to rather than just focusing on passing the class.



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