A New Kind of Literacy

For my research paper, I have been doing a lot of reading on the influence videogames have on our real lives. Most of my posts on this topic have involved information on how playing videogames can be good or bad for individual people, but the article I found today http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/2011/08/the-literacy-of-gaming-what-kids-learn-from-playing215/ shows that videogames should be taken much more seriously because they are affecting more than the individual; they are affecting society as a whole.

While society is a collection of individuals, I am not using this post to talk about influences on specific people, I’m talking about our culture as a whole. The provided article shows that videogames cannot be ignored because they are completely shifting the things that make up our society, such as the language that binds us all together. This article says that the very definition of literacy is being extended to include not only reading and writing, but playing videogames as well. This is because videogames esentially do what books do, explore human nature through someone else’s experiences, just through a different medium.

Another point that this article makes that I like is that much of the controversy surrounding videogames is related to content, not the videogame idea itself. This is interesting because if we can find a way to overcome the content issues, videogames could come to be fully embraced by the public and could become the new medium for developing literacy.


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