Comparison of eSports and Traditional Sports Consumption Motives

This study comes from two researchers at Ball State University and Xavier University. It says it has “explored 14
motivational factors affecting the time spent on eSports gaming. ” The proposed purpose of the study was to find out if the markets of esports and traditional sports are two distinct markets or if there are similarities between the two that compliment one another. The study does show some correlations between the two markets, which can imply esports as sustainable a scene as traditional sports. This news is very positive for esports and furthers my own study of the relevancy of gaming as a sporting event. A study like this is useful in my own research and I will no doubt include this information in my own paper.


2 thoughts on “Comparison of eSports and Traditional Sports Consumption Motives”

  1. I think there is a correlation between the two fields in content, but not in gameplay. Similarly to how a Star Wars fan is more likely to buy Star Wars game titles, it is the fans of football who are purchasing Madden every year (despite it being the same game rehashed with slightly better graphics…). Games are diverse as an industry, and have the ability to interest anybody if they hit the right content. My dad isn’t a gamer, and never grew up with gaming as a part of his life. However! Sometimes a game is just too cool to pass up. He has always enjoyed scuba diving, so some years ago we bought him an underwater adventure game for the Wii. And skeptical though he was, we later watched him log countless hours into it– just swimming around and looking at fish. It was really cool to see how because of its diversity, gaming can apply and be relevant to everyone.

    1. I agree! There are a lot of cool new games coming out every year and they appeal to a wider audience with each new game released as well. The Wii specifically is an interesting example of innovation in gaming simply due to the design of the console and the controls. I’m sure there are a lot of little simple games like the one your dad plays that are appealing to a wider audience. I think the Wii specifically has set out to do just that in fact!

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