Evolution of the Gaming Experience

This particular article talks about a broad evolution of gaming from singleplayer and local multiplayer, to online multiplayer, to spectator entertainment through the use of IPTV, to esport. It asks questions such as:

“How has the rise of live online video broadcasting affected the growth of the eSports industry?”

“How has live online video broadcasting affected how video game players interact socially with their community?”

“Why do viewers tune into live streams?”

and attempts to find answers for them in its own research. All three of these questions are integral to my own research and answering them will be important to my paper. I recall a post made by professor Reid about geek culture in which he stated that geeks and gamers used to be known as social pariahs, but now have evolved into something different. I very much agree with his assertion, and I hope to also prove the social aspect of gaming and esports in my paper as well, with the help of this and other articles.



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