Games Research #5

The article “The Impact of Participation in Sports on Educational Attainment: New Evidence from Germany” by Thomas Corneliben and Christian Pfeifer is about how sports can encourage education and lead to better lifestyles. The author of this article writes about the physical education system in Germany and how the children there cannot graduate secondary school unless they finish “Gymnasium”. Clearly they view sports as being more than physical education. They understand that is is necessary in order to have a well rounded child. The article states, “First, the better health status of athletes could increase productivity and lead to more investments in human capital, because healthier people will probably have a longer life span and, hence, a longer amortization period. Second, sport does not only train functional skills like dexterity and balance but it also teaches soft skills like taking orders, leadership, teamwork, performing in a regulated system, and socialization…form the character of young people because it teaches behavioral habits like motivation, discipline, tenacity, competitive spirit, responsibility, perseverance, confidence, and self-esteem, which cannot always be acquired in classroom” (4).

This article states exactly what I’m trying to prove in my article. However they claim that watching t.v. are considered are habits. I am hoping that I will be able to either prove that children can learn all these things from video games or that video games promote these skills and habits.


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