Games Research #6

There has been a stigma attached to children watching television and playing video games. Some people say that it promotes violence and obesity. Why are children wasting their time playing video games instead of being more productive? The article entitled “Virtual competition: video games, children and sport” by Anthony Sibillin supports the idea of using video games as a means to promote healthy physical and social lives for children. The article states, “…a 2002 cross-national study involving British and American children found that highly active boys were also heavy users of technology based entertainment …”. The article also says that sports based video games can be used to promote better performance in sports; “the golfing skill of putting is one of the few sporting skills to be shown to successfully transfer from screen to green. Significantly, a 2001 French study showed the transfer was greatest when the video game was played with the intention of improving the actual skill rather than for simple enjoyment…”.

The article helps me prove my point that there should be a fight for children’s time. The problem is not eliminating video games, they are here to stay. What we need to be focusing on is how to capture the attention of children with educational based video games which will serve as a supplement to what they learn in school and in a social setting.


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