Ready Player One

I finished this book and I came away thinking a little bit about Orwell’s “1984”, but a lot about how the book itself could so much be a video game.

In a lot of ways, this book would appeal to people of my parent’s generation because it refers to music and movies of the 80’s creating the nostalgia that so many of the baby boomers seem to have. It would also please any of my friends who are passionate video game geeks. I can’t say it is the best book that I have ever read, but, without putting in any spoilers, it was certainly very interesting.

The fact that Wade’s whole life is involved in OASIS is fascinating. As far as Halliday is concerned, I can see how the author states that “his behavior came off as bizarre, even by game designer standards”, giving the impression that he was “mentally ill”, with many obsessions that he expected “everyone around him to share”.

In Nardi’s book, she talks about how people socialize while playing WOW. Halliday seemed to be very much antisocial to a point where he ” seemed to deteriorate even further” as time went on.

Since one cannot use the term “addiction” medically as per McGonigal found out in her research, we can only be pleased that Wade was able to pull himself away from OASIS.


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