Videogames as an Education features an article promotes the playing of videogames as a form of education. It lists schools that are incorporating videogame classes into their course catalogs and explains the benefits of such programs.

One major benefit of looking at videogames as a form of education is that, like in college courses, the people who play videogames learn more about themselves in relation to the surrounding world as they go along. It also enhances literacy and teaches real-world skills, like stopping to appreciate the moment. Lindsay Grace (featured in the article) has said, “As they [the gamers] walk, the world disappears, and if they stay still more of the world is revealed.” Videogames also force players to stay engage, creating more appreciation for the moment being experienced.

This is a great article for my research paper because it shows that, in addition to enhancing things like literacy and reaction time, it helps players to find a deeper understanding of themselves, which is what the main goal of education is. This shows that, depending on how they are used, videogames create more connections between the real world and the virtual world than many people are able to see.


One thought on “Videogames as an Education”

  1. Great find for an article! I think that the new generation of kids will actually expect to see some type of video games within their curriculum. With learning games such as Leap Frog and Fisher Price toys, I would’t put it pass anyone if within the next 15-20 years learning via video games would be considered part of a core curriculum.

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